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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How can I get a coupon?

    Come join us and get a coupon for you and your friends!

    There are several ways and the first being the easiest is select coupons and select the coupon for the show you would like to print off.

     Next you can visit our Facebook page at cloudproductions under events. 

    Visit mailinglist and sign up to receive an email or a postcard in the mail prior to each show.

    Printer problem ....You are also welcome to call us at 419-436-1457 or email us at / and we can mail it to you.  Please allow one week for delivery.

    You can show us your coupon on your smartphone.

  • Find us on FACEBOOK!

    We would love to have you join us at  See featured exhibitors prior to shows, updates on the latest Cloud news, contests with great to the shows, gift certificates to spend at the show, & prizes from exhibitors, too!

  • General Information?

    Directions - Go to the event calendar and select the show location you are interested in and it will take you to Google Maps.

    Show dates and hours available at the event calendar.

    Parking?  Is complimentary at all Cloud Productions events

    Return to a show - Yes in most cases you may return the same day or the next as long as you have our handstamp and it is visible.

    Handicap Parking - Is available at all of our shows. 

    Bus tours - Buses are welcome at any of our events.  Parking is available and arrangements can be made in advance by calling 419-436-1457.

  • How can I become an exhibitor with Cloud Productions shows!

    •First select and complete the form on the website at /exhibitor/.  You can attach up to three photos.  We ask that the photos be a good quality (200 dpi) for our viewing and possibly for inclusion in advertising and promotions.  If for some reason your photos will not attach please email them to our email with your name and the show/s they are for.

    •Press submit.   Your request is then sent to us and will be reviewed.  Then we will email or mail the applications to you as you selected. 

    •Once you receive the application/s please complete, and enclose a self addressed stamped envelope and the required deposit or full payment.  Each application has a 'balance due by date' if you are paying the 50% deposit. This is a deadline for balances and not submitting applications.

    •Credit/Debit cards are accepted for payment and must be handled through the office by calling 419-436-1457.  Further details will be available.

    General Questions & Information

     If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 419-436-1457 or email us at